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KBDF Flowers For A Purpose Program

The KBDF Flowers for A Purpose is our signature program. This program unites the elderly in assisted living facilities with youths and adults with intellectual disabilities in a social setting, to learn about flowers and create beautiful bouquets of flowers that are given away.

"Meet my good friend, Angelo Molino, and learn how Music Therapy can enhance the lives of youths & adults with intellectual disabilities "


The Kathy B. Davis Foundation Supports the wonderful mission of Angels On Horseback. In honor of Melissa Hopson, who was very involved with the organization. We are honored to award AOH an annual grant in her memory.

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In Memory of Melissa Hopson

The Kathy B. Davis Foundation believes in Empower Cherokee's mission  "to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live life as they define it through employment and social connections, and the support necessary for each person to achieve their hopes and dreams."  To help them achieve their mission, we provide an annual grant. 

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The Kathy B. Davis Foundation provides ADMH with an annual grant to help provide healthcare for individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

Their mission is Improving healthcare possibilities for teens and adults
with developmental disabilities.

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