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Special Olympics Golf Program












Under the direction of Dave Davis, a state-certified Special Olympics Golf Coach for Cherokee County, the goal of the Golf Program is to teach basic golf skills to intellectually developmentally challenged individuals 12 years of age and older. 

The training sessions focus on 6 Golf Skills: Short Putt, Long Putt, Chip Shot, An Iron Shot, A Wood Shot, a Pitching Shot During practices, volunteer instructors teach golf fundamentals and share their love of the game with the attendees. Participants practice each skill and participate in Skills Competitions during sponsored events. Once skills are adequately achieved the participant can progress to Level II  9 hole playing with a unified partner 9-Hole Alternate Shot format . As participants improve their skills they can move thru different levels of play. These include Level III - 18 Hole Alternate Shot play with a unified Partner, Level IV - 9 Hole Individual Play , Level V - 18 Hole Individual Play. Participants can compete in statewide Special Olympics Golf Tournaments.

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